05-09-2021 Methods of Yogic Practices &Shat Kriyas BYTTC-103

Welcome to your 05-09-2021 Methods of Yogic Practices &Shat Kriyas BYTTC-103

Exam No
1. The yogic diet he promoted includes whole, simple, fresh, nutritious food.?
2. The Yogic Diet?
4. Rajasic -
5.Tamasic: -
6.Vata  Means
10. Yogi Tea ....................
9. Yogic Foods for Health & Healing
12.what is the correct yogic diet?
13. . The Yogic diet believes in the concept of ..................?
14. What Should Be Diet Of A Person Who Wants To Lose Weight?
16.What Is The Formula To Calculate Bmr for men (basal Metabolic Rate)?
15 what should Be A Daily Diet For A Patient With Type 1 Diabetes??
17.What Is The Formula To Calculate Bmr for women (basal Metabolic Rate)?
18. What Is The Best Vegetable To Eat
19. Among the given nutrients milk is a poor source of
20.Washing of peeled vegetables removes the vitamin?
21.Milk, cheese and eggs are the sources of
22.Which of the following cannot be a part of a vegan diet?
23. Which of the following is a water-soluble vitamin and hence is required to be taken everyday?
24.Pulses are a good source of -
25.Which of the following food items is rich in iron ?
26.EEG- Alpha Waves Increase ?
27.Galvanic Skin Response ( GSR)?
28.The Asana mainly helps to increase the children's height is ________________ ?
29.The king of yogic practices is ______________
30.The main sources of Yoga are ______________
31.The book “Yoga Sutras” was written by ______________
32.. In the yogic scriptures, it is said that there were originally ______________ asanas
32.. In the yogic scriptures, it is said that there were originally ______________ asanas
33.The well-known relaxative asana is ______________ *
34.Padmasana is known as the pose of ______________
35.Abdominal breathing is known as the breathing of ______________
36.. Bhramari is a type of ______________
37.Vipareetha karani also is a ______________
38.Karma means ______________
39.Trataka is the practice for ______________
40.Bandhas are incorporated with the practices of ______________
41.The Theme of 6th International day of Yoga is _________________
42.Which asana is called as Thunderbolt pose
43.Author of Light on Yoga
44.In Yoga Chikitsa means
45.Sharira Prajna means
46.Prana Prajna means
47. Indriya Prajna means
48. Mano Prajna means
49. Vijnana  Prajna means
50. Chitta Prajna means
51. Sama Virtues control of the Mind
52. Dama Virtues control of the  Senses
53. Uparti Virtues Endurance
54. Titiksha Virtues selflessness
55. Shradha Virtues Faith
56. Samadhana Virtues Surrender to the divine will
57. How  can we control the Chittavrittis? by Abyasa and Vairagya
58. What are the Ashta Siddhis? Eight limbs
59.Anima-power to become as small as the Atom
60.Lagima-power of Exteme Lightness
60.Lagima-power of Exteme Lightness
61.Prapti-power to Obtain Anything
62.Prakmaniyam- power of irresistible will
63.Mahima- power of not increase size at will
64.Isitva- power of not Superiority
65.Vasitva - power to subjugate
66.Kamavasayita- power to control all desire
67.Pramana- Right Knowledge ( Conception)
68.Vikalpa- Imagination
69.Nidra- Work
71. Grahasta- Birth to 27 years of Age
70. Brahmacharya- 27 to 54 years of age
72. Vanaprastha - Beyond 81 years of age
73. Sanyasa - Beyond 81 years of age
74. Samprajnata or Sabija (Lower)- Samadhi of Wisdom